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Male Arthurian Legend Names

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  1. GWALCHMAI, (Sir), hawk of battle.
  2. GWERNACH, a giant (alder river).
  3. GWION, (sense or anger); a knight.
  4. GWYN, (blessed, happy; white); the name of a king.
  5. GWYNHAM, father of Teithi.
  6. HEBRON, husband of Enygeus.
  7. HECTOR, sir Hector de Maris; (defender).
  8. HELAINE, light; son of Sir Bors.
  9. HELLEKIN, king of Fairyland and lover of Morgan le Fay.
  10. HENGIST, stallion.
  11. HENGROEN, a horse of Arthur's.
  12. HODAIN, Tristrem's dog.
  13. HOEL, (lordly); nephew of Arthur, and Duke of Brittany.
  14. HORSA, (horse); brother of Hengist.
  15. HOWEL, (lordly); a king of Brittany.
  16. HUARWAR, (calm, soothing) son of Aflawn.
  17. HUON, (mind or thought); king of the fairies, after Oberon.
  18. HYWEL, (lordly); brother of Gildas.
  19. IRONSIDE, the Red Knight of the Red Lands.
  20. ISDERNUS, a knight.
  21. IWAIN, (young warrior); a knight.
  22. JOHFRIT, Lanzelet's instructor.
  23. KADYRIATH, advisor to Arthur.
  24. KAHERDIN, son of Duke Höel.
  25. KAI, (Sir) half Knight half buffoon.
  26. KARDEIZ, son of Parzival.
  27. KAY, (Sir) rejoicing; a Knight of the Round Table.
  28. KERIDAK, beloved; a son of Bran.
  29. KEU, (Sir); rejoicing.
  30. KILHWCH, pig-sty; cousin of Arthur.
  31. KILYDD, father of Kilhwch.
  32. KYNER, (the first); father of sir Kai.
  33. KYNTHELIG, a guide to Arthur.
  34. LAC, (lake), a king; the father of Erec.
  35. LAILOKEN, Merlin Sylvester.
  36. LAMORAK, (Sir), brother of Percivale.
  37. LANCELOT, (Sir) knight of the Round Table (the servant).

  38. LAODEGAN, king of Carmalide.

  39. LAUNCELOT, (Sir) knight of the Round Table (the servant).

  40. LAUNFAL, (Sir) king Arthur's steward.

  1. LEODEGAN, father of Gennevre.

  2. LEODEGRAUNCE, king of Camelyard, & father of Guenever.

  3. LEODOGRAN, father of Guinevere.

  4. LIONEL, (Sir), cousin to Lancelot.

  5. LIONELL, (Sir), Launcelot's cousin.

  6. LLACHEU, a son of king Arthur.

  7. LLEW, (lion or light) king of Orkney.

  8. LLUAGOR, (the opener of the host); Caradawg's horse.

  9. LLUDD, a king of Britain; the eldest son of Beli the Great.

  10. LLYCHLYN, land of the fjords.

  11. LLYR, father of Bronwen.

  12. LOHENGRIN, (Sir) son of Parzival.
  13. LOHOOT, a son of king Arthur.
  14. LOHOT, a son of king Arthur.
  15. LOT, king of Orkney.
  16. LUCAN, (Sir), butler to Arthur.
  17. LUCAS, (Sir), butler to Arthur.
  18. LUCIUS, Tiberius, Procurator; (light).
  19. MABON, (the great youth); a warrior, the son of Modron.
  20. MABONAGRAIN, (Sir), nephew of king Evrain.
  21. MABUZ, ruler of the Castle of Death.
  22. MADOC, son of Owain Gwynedd.
  23. MADOR, (Sir), a Scotch knight.
  24. MAHELOAS, lord of the Isle of Glass.
  25. MALDUC, lord of the Misty Lake.
  26. MARCH, (horse); Tristan's uncle.
  27. MARIS, ("of the sea"), Ector de Maris.
  28. MARK, king of Cornwall.
  29. MARROK, (Sir), a werewolf.
  30. MEDROD, Arthur's nephew.
  31. MELEAGANT, abducted Guinevere.
  32. MELIADUS, father of Tristan.
  33. MELWAS, a lover of Gwenhwyvar.
  34. MENW, ("soul"); a son of Teirgwaedd.
  35. MERDDHIN, hill in the sea.
  36. MERLIN, Arthur's tutor; the prince of enchanters.
  37. MODRED, a son of Lot; traitor to Arthur.
  38. MORAUNT, a giant Irish knight.
  39. MORDRED, a son of Lot; traitor to Arthur.
  40. MORHOLT, a giant Irish knight.

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