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Origin of the name ARIANRHOD.
Etymology of the name ARIANRHOD.
Meaning of the baby name ARIANRHOD.


ARIANRHOD.  Celtic name meaning "silver circle (or wheel)," (Fates of the Princes of Dyfed, Morris, 1914, Celtic Magazine, v.9, 1884)

... Math now seeks another virgin foot-holder, and Arianrhod, daughter of Dôn, is suggested.  Math, by aid of his magic powers, discovers that she is no virgin, and fleeing from the proof, she gives birth to two male children.  One is Dylan Eil Ton (Dylan son of the Wave), who makes at once for the sea, and who is slain at some unknown time, by his uncle Govannon.  The other, concealed and nurtured by Gwydion, grows remarkably fast, and is taken by him to Arianrhod's castle.  On being told who the child is, Arianrhod says he will never be named except by her.  Gwydion, calling his magic powers again to his aid, obtains a ship and material for shoemaking, and seeks, disguised, along with the boy, the castle of Arianrhod.  Dissatisfied with the intentionally ill-fitting shoes sent her by Gwydion, she comes herself to the ship, and seeing the boy strike a bird cleverly she says, "With a sure hand the lion hit the bird."  Gwydion immediately declares that the boy has been named the Lion of the sure Hand (Llew Llaw Gyffes), and the enchanted articles suddenly vanish.  Arianrhod now declares that the boy shall never be given arms, except by her.  Gwydion again gets the better of Arianrhod by entering her castle disguised along with Llew and causing an enchanted hostile fleet to appear.  In fear of attack Arianrhod and her maids arm Llew and Gwydion, whereupon the latter informs Arianrhod of what she has done, and the enchanted fleet disappears.  This time the incensed Arianrhod declares that Llew shall never have a wife except of her bestowing.  But Math and Gwydion fashion him a bride from flowers, and she is called Blodeuwedd.  Math gives the couple broad lands in Gwynedd. (The Mabinogion, Guest, 1901)


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