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Origin of the name ARYANA.
Etymology of the name ARYANA.
Meaning of the baby name ARYANA.


ARYANA.  An old name for Iran (Persia).  In Greek Αρειανή (see Ariana).  Moody renders the name "honored." (What Is Your Name?, Moody, 1863).  Clare renders it "tiller of the soil."  See note below.
    Aryana Farshad, an Iranian director, film producer and writer.  Sharifah Aryana Syed Zainal Rashid Al-Yahya, a Malaysian actress. (Wiki)

... The name Aryan means tiller of the soil; wherein this race has differed from the Turanian, or nomadic races of Central Asia...
    Great natural misfortunes intensified Zoroaster's conviction.  In his time some geological convulsion changed the climate of Northern Asia, and suddenly caused bitter cold where there had previously been a tropical heat.  Both Spiegel and Haug have in recent years translated the first Fargard of the Vendidad, which commences by describing a good country, AryanaVaejo, which Ahura-Mazda had created as a region of delight.  Thereupon the "evil being, Angra-Mainyus, full of death, created a mighty serpent, and winter, the work of the Daevas.  Ten months of winter are there, two months of summer." (Library of Universal Knowledge, Clare, v.1, 1898).


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