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Origin of the name ABD-AL-MUMIN.
Etymology of the name ABD-AL-MUMIN.
Meaning of the baby name ABD-AL-MUMIN.


ABD-AL-MUMIN (عبد المؤمن).  Arabic name, composed of Abd "servant, slave," Al "the," and Mumin, "a believer," hence "servant of the believer." 

Abù Muhammad Abd al-Mùmin Ibn Ali al-Kaisi al-Kùmi was the sovereign indebted for his authority to the exertions of Muhammad Ibn Tùmari, better known by the name of the Mahdi.  Abd al-Mùmin's father, a man of consummate prudence and gravity, held an eminent rank in the tribe of Kùmiya, and sold earthen vessels of his own manufacture.  It is related that as he was one day engaged at his usual work, with his child Abd al-Mùmin sleeping near him, he heard a humming in the air, and on looking up, saw a swarm of bees like a dark cloud which descended towards the house and settled on Abd al-Mùmin, so as to cover him entirely, but without awakening him.  His mother screamed with terror at the sight, but the father told her that the child was in no danger.  "I only wonder," said he, "what this may portend."  He then washed the clay off his hands, and having dressed himself, he waited to see what the bees would do.  They at length flew away, and the child awoke unharmed; not the least trace of hurt appeared on his body, although his mother examined him carefully, neither did he utter the slightest complaint.  There was a man in the neighborhood noted as a diviner, and to him the father went and related what had occurred.  "This boy," said the diviner, "will soon come to something great; the people of Maghrib will be all united in obedience unto him."  The subsequent history of Abd al-Mùmin is well known. (Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, v.2, 1843)


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