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Origin of the name ABD-AL-WAHHAB.
Etymology of the name ABD-AL-WAHHAB.
Meaning of the baby name ABD-AL-WAHHAB.


ABD-AL-WAHHAB (عبد الوهاب).  Arabic name, composed of Abd "servant, slave," Al "the," and Wahhab "bestower, giver," hence "servant of the giver."

Abd al-Wahhâb, the son of the Ibrahim, generally denominated al-Imàm, whose name occurs in the life of his father Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Abd Allah Ibn al-Abbâs.  Abd al-Wahhâb was governor of Syria in the name of his uncle al-Mansûr, but this prince felt so apprehensive of his ulterior projects that, when he lay at the point of death near the Well of Maimûn, at the gate of Mekka, he said to his chamberlain ar-Rabi Ibn Yûnus (vol. I. p. 524): "The only person (whose intentions) I fear is the "governor of Syria, Abd al-Wahhâb, the son of Ibrahim the Imàm!"  He then raised his hands towards heaven and exclaimed:  "Almighty God! deliver me from Abd al-Wahhâb!""When al-Masûr expired," said ar-Rabi Ibn Yûnus, "I lowered his body into the grave, and I had just placed the tombstone over it, when I heard a voice from the interior of it pronounce these words:  'Abd al-Wahhâb is dead, and the prayer is fulfilled.'  I was struck with terror at this occurrence, and six or seven days afterwards, intelligence was brought of Abd al-Wahhâb's death."  It is Ibn Badrûn who relates this anecdote in his commentary on the kasîda of Ibn Abdûn, which begins with these words:  "After (inflicting) the reality (of misfortune), time still torments (us) with the traces of it."  He introduces the story when explaining the following verse:  "Time struck with dread each Màmûn (tutus) and Mutamin (securus), and it betrayed each Mansûr (victor) and Muntasir (adjutus)." (Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, v.2, 1843)


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