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Origin of the name ALBION.
Etymology of the name ALBION.
Meaning of the baby name ALBION.


ALBION (Ἀλβίων).  The name of a giant son of Neptune who gave his name to ancient Britain, meaning "white."  Also spelled Alebion.  Compare with Albin.

Albion.  England, so named from the ancient inhabitants called Albionēs.  The usual etymology of albus (white), said to have been given by Julius Cæsar in allusion to the "white cliffs," is quite untenable, as an old Greek treatise, the De Mundo, formerly ascribed to Aristotle, mentions the islands of Albion and Iěrnē three hundred years before the invasion of Cæsar.  Probably "Albion" or Albany was the Celtic name of all Great Britain, subsequently restricted to Scotland, and then to the Highlands of Scotland.  Certainly the inhabitants of the whole island are implied in the word Albionēs in Festus Avienus's account of the voyage of Hamilcar in the fifth century B.C.

    "Beyond the Pillars of Herculēs is the ocean which flows round the earth, and in it are 2 very large islands called Britannia, viz., Albion and Iěrnē."De Mundo, Sec. iii.

Albion.  Son of the king of this island when Oberon held his court in what we call Kensington Gardens.  He was stolen by the elfin Milkah, and brought up in fairyland.  When nineteen years of age, he fell in love with Kenna, daughter of King Oberon, but was driven from the empire by the indignant monarch.  Albion invaded the territory, but was slain in the battle.  When Kenna knew this, she poured the juice of moly over the dead body, and it changed into a snow-drop.T. Tickell

Albion the Giant.  Fourth son of Neptune, sixth son of Osīris, and brother of Herculēs, his mother being Amphitrīta.  Albion the Giant was put by his father in possession of the isle of Britain, where he speedily subdued the Samotheans, the first inhabitants.  His brother Bergion ruled over Ireland and the Orkneys.  Another of his brothers was Lestrigo, who subjected Italy.  (See W. Harrison's Introduction to Holinshed's Chronicle.). (Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Brewer, 1879)


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