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Origin of the name AZAZEL.
Etymology of the name AZAZEL.
Meaning of the baby name AZAZEL.


AZAZEL (עֲזָאזֵל).  Hebrew form of Arabic Azazil (عزازل), meaning "removed, separated."  One of the jinn made of smokeless fire. He was later turned into a devil by God and given the name Iblis (q.v.).

Leit. 16.8.  The Geneva version retains here, for the scapegoat, the Hebrew word, 'Hazazel.'  The Samaritan version and the Chaldee Paraphrast, being designed for the use of the Synagogue, might well, as they have done, keep it, as well as other Hebrew words; since they were fully understood by the Jews.  But the word in a version in use in a Western nation, is quite unintelligible.
    As to its sense and origin, the verb 'azal' signifies to 'put back,' or 'remove.'  And where the Hebrews wished to denote a superlative, they are accustomed to double the first syllable.  The word 'Hazazel' in fact, is the same as the Arabic word 'Azazil,' which signifies 'separated' or 'removed;' and to give the force of far removed, they doubled the first syllable.  This well agrees with the goat bearing the sins of the people, confessed over its head, far "into the wilderness," "unto a land not inhabited;" (marg. "of separation;") to imply God's entire forgetfulness of the sins of his forgiven people.  So that our translators have well rendered it "the scape-goat," or "Goat sent out;" in which the Septuagint, Symmachus, Aquila, and the Vulgate agree. (A Help for English Readers to Understand Mis-Translated Passages in Our Bible, Murray, 1881)


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