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Origin of the name ANI.
Etymology of the name ANI.
Meaning of the baby name ANI.


ANI.  Unisex.  Egyptian name meaning "the sun."  This is the ancient name of the city of Emeh.
    Ani, "sea," is the Egyptian name of the twentieth or Arabian nome of Lower Egypt.  It was also called Septhor, and was sacred to the deity Sept Achem.
    f.  Ani, a priestess of Isis, and the mother of Khemmes, a royal scribe of Rameses III.
    m.  Ani, the superior of the writers and a priest of Ptah, in the XIXth dynasty.
    m.  Ani, a royal scribe, principal Heb, and chief of the temple of (Osiris?) in the reign of an unnamed king of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    m.  Ani, a prince of Kush, and state officer, under Seti Menepthah I., and Rameses II., of the XIXth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

    Ani (the sun) is On, Jan, in Greece, the Etruscan Jonn, Jan-us, an ancient king of Italy, the river Anio, Jaanai, a Bible-name, Jan-us, with two faces, the Roman war-god, his name Ean-us, and Eani, a people.  From Ani comes, with the light of the sun, Ani-mation (Ani-matio), Ani-ma, "the soul, the life," and Ani-mare, the verb "to ani-mate."  It is the last syllable of Dag-ōn, the sun-god with the extremity of a fish, and Odacon, "the man-fish" of the Babylonian legend.  We may compare with the syllables of Dag-ōn the German Tag, meaning "day," the Etruscan Tag-es, and the Babylonian Oann-es (Ani, the sun-god), who rose from the sea to instruct the people in the arts of life. (The Christian Examiner and General Review, v.61, 1856).


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