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Origin of the name BRUNIHILT.
Etymology of the name BRUNIHILT.
Meaning of the baby name BRUNIHILT.


BRUNIHILT.  Old High German name, composed of Teutonic bruni/brunja "coat of mail" and Hilti, "goddess of war," from hilt, "battle, contest," hence "breast-plated battle maid." 

A proud warrior-virgin in the German epic, the "Nibelungen Lied," who promised to be the bride of the man who could conquer her in three trials, in hurling the lance, in throwing the stone, and in leaping after the stone when thrown.  By the arts and bravery of Siegfried, she was deluded into marrying Günther, king of Burgundy; but, discovering the trick that had been put upon her, she planned and accomplished the destruction of Siegfried, and the humiliation of Chriemhild, his wife, who was her rival. (An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction, Wheeler, 1889)


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