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Origin of the name BENEDICT.
Etymology of the name BENEDICT.
Meaning of the baby name BENEDICT.


BENEDICT.  From Latin Benedictus (q.v.), meaning "blessed." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Usage:  America, England.

The devil ceased not to annoy St. Benedict.  It was not in visions or dreams that he showed himself, but face to face, besetting the saint persistently in all he did, and crying out, "Benedict! Benedict!" from time to time.  If the saint pretended not to hear, this enemy of the soul would cry out, "Maledict not Benedict, cursed fool not saint, what is your business in these quarters?  What right have you to interfere with me?  What pleasure can it give you to annoy me?"  When all these railings were without effect, his satanic majesty harassed the saint by obstructing the builders employed by St. Benedict in constructing his monasteries.  One day the builders went to carry a stone prepared for a certain part, but when they attempted to lift it, they found all their united efforts wholly ineffectual.  The stone could not be moved.  No power of man could lift it.  They went and told St. Benedict, who instantly knew that the devil was hanging on it; so he made on the stone the sign of the cross, and the stone which before was too heavy for six or eight men to stir, became so light that St. Benedict alone lifted it with ease, and carried it to the place required.  This very stone is still shown at Mount Cassino, so there can be no doubt of the fact.—St. Gregory the Great, Dialogues, bk. ii. (A Dictionary of Miracles, Brewer, 1894)


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