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Origin of the name BEOWULF.
Etymology of the name BEOWULF.
Meaning of the baby name BEOWULF.


BEOWULF.  Anglo-Saxon name, composed of the Old English elements beo "bee" and wulf "wolf," hence "bee wolf," i.e. "a bear."
    Beowulf, an Old English epic poem.  Beowulf is the nephew of Hygelac, king of the Geatas.  He travels to Denmark to help Hrothgar, son of Healfdene, defeat a monster named Grendel, sprung from Cain. (The Cambridge History of English Literature, Ward, 1908)

... there are two further considerations, which confirm, almost to a certainty, this obvious interpretation of "Beowulf" as "Bee-wolf" or "Bear."  The first is that it agrees excellently with Beowulf's bear-like habit of hugging his adversaries to death—a feature which surely belongs to the original kernel of our story, since it is incompatible with the chivalrous, weapon-loving trappings in which that story has been dressed. The second is that, as I have tried to show, the evidence is strongly in favour of Bjarki and Beowulf being originally the same figure: and Bjarki is certainly a bear-hero.  His name signifies as much, and in the Saga of Rolf Kraki we are told at length how the father of Bjarki was a prince who had been turned by enchantment into a bear. (Beowulf: an Introduction to the Study of the Poem, Chambers, 1921)


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