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Origin of the name BOGUMIL.
Etymology of the name BOGUMIL.
Meaning of the baby name BOGUMIL.


BOGUMIL (Богомил).  The same as Bulgarian Bogomil (q.v.), meaning either "beloved of God" from the Sclavonic word Bogumil, or "Lord, have mercy" from Bog milui.

... The oscillations of Boris between Greece and Rome, although they eventually secured for him from Constantinople such ecclesiastics as he desired, had the ill effect of throwing his country open to the strife and influences of many differing sects, all of whom called themselves Christians.  The tenets of those sects, the Paulicians, the Catharists, the Bogomiles, &c., had much in common, and they have been described at considerable length by various historians, especially by the learned Neander; but as one of them, the Bogomilians or Bogomiles, for a long period exercised considerable influence not only in the religious life of Bulgaria, but over her political history, a brief notice of them may not be deemed inappropriate.  Their origin is doubtful... They believed in God and in Satanael, his first-born, fallen away.  The former was a spiritual being, from whom nothing imperfect or temporal proceeded; the wicked one created everything visible and corporeal,—the physical universe, in fact.  This leading tenet, this dualism with modifications, appears to have pervaded the beliefs of most of the so-called heretical sects.  The earth, according to the views of the Bogomiles, being the work of Satan, was doomed to destruction.  The soul of man is an imprisoned fallen angel, which after death returns to God and heaven.  Satan made Adam of earth, but being unable to vivify him, sought the help of God, who breathed of His own life into him.  Cain, according to them, was the son of Satan and Eve, Abel of Adam and Eve, Cain representing the evil, and Abel the good principle in humanity.  Satan was held responsible for all the evils which fell upon mankind—the flood, the dispersal at Babel, the destruction of Sodom.  The presence of the Saviour and His death upon the cross were only appearances.  Christ disgraced Satan, and bound him with a heavy chain.  Mary was an angel, not the mother of Christ; and only the moral and religious teachings of Christ were credited to Him... (Bulgaria Past and Present, Samuelson, 1888)


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