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Origin of the name BORAK.
Etymology of the name BORAK.
Meaning of the baby name BORAK.


BORAK.  Unisex.  From Arabic El-Borak (also al-Borak), itself from Arab. bark (بُرق), meaning "lightning." (An English and Arabic Dictionary, Catafago, 1873).  In Persian mythology, this is the name of the horse which conveyed Mahomet to Jerusalem.  The winged horse is variously referred to using both feminine and masculine pronouns.

In the representation of Borak given by D'Ohsson, which is said to be a faithful copy of that occurring in Persian books, he appears with the head of a beautiful young woman and the tail of a peacock not quite opened, and rising almost perpendicularly. On his neck Borak has a collar, on his head a crown, pendants in his ears, and his body is, as it were, swimming in the atmosphere.  Beneath are flames, and above are three angels pouring out rays of light, whilst the fourth of them, who is in the rear, carries a basin full of flames, and the fifth, names, Gabriel, with youthful features and crowned head, as well as wings like the others, appears to be the leader; but Borak has no bridle.  The body of the prophet Muhammad, who bestrides Borak, is so covered with the celestial rays issuing from the hands of the angels who surround him that only his foot in the stirrup beneath and a curious kind of diadem which covers his head above can be seen. The portion of the saddle-cloth which can be seen contains no inscription; and on comparing this description with the subjoined drawing—which is an accurate copy of a picture on glass sold in the Bombay bazar—it will be observed that neither the prophet nor the angels are represented, but only Borak with two green wings, above which there is a canopy bearing the words Ya Allah, and the saddle-cloth bears the name of Allah and those of Muhammad, A'ly, Fatimah, Hasan, and Husayn, the five persons most venerated among the Shya'hs, whose names are also often engraved on cornelian and other stones as well as amulets. They are called the five "persons of the cloak," in Arabic, because, according to certain Moslem doctors, the Almighty, desirous of crowning the favours destined by Him for His favourite servants, sent Gabriel to Muhammad with orders to the latter to assemble his son-in-law, his daughter, and his two grandsons, and so prepare himself for receiving the abundance of heavenly favours. (Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, v.15, 1883)


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