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Origin of the name CLARIBELL.
Etymology of the name CLARIBELL.
Meaning of the baby name CLARIBELL.


CLARIBELL.  English contracted form of Italian Clarabella (q.v.), meaning "clear-beauty."  Also spelled Claribel.

... Spenser relates how Phaon's friend Philemon, courting Pryene, the handmaid of Phaon's love, Claribell (clara-bella, clear-beautiful, an excellent name, both in sound and sense!), prevailed on Pryene to put on the garments of Claribell, and then, with incredible baseness, brought Phaon at night and hid him where he saw, as he supposed, his love Claribell playing him false with Philemon.

"Eftsoones he came unto th' appointed place,
And with him brought Pryene, rich arayd,
In Claribellaes clothes.  Her proper face
I not descerned in that darkesome shade,
But weend it was my love with whom he playd.
Ah God! what horrour and tormenting griefe
My hart, my handes, mine eies, and all assayd!
Me liefer were ten thousand deathes priefe
Then wounde of gealous worme, and shame of 
    such repreife.

"I home retourning, fraught with fowle despight,
And chawing vengeaunce all the way I went,
Soone as my loathed love appeard in sight,
With wrathful hand I slew her innocent,
That after soone I dearely did lament."

Poor Claribella's cry was that of Desdemona, "Oh, falsely, falsely murther'd!"  It would have been enough for Shakespeare that she and his king's daughter were each unhappy in love, and that the name was melodious, to lead to his appropriation of the name from Spenser for a subordinate character who does not appear at all on the stage of "The Tempest." (Poet Lore, A Magazine of Letters, Porter-Clarke, v.4, 1892).


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