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Origin of the name CALIBURN.
Etymology of the name CALIBURN.
Meaning of the baby name CALIBURN.


CALIBURN.  In Arthurian legend, another name for Excalibur, king Arthur's sword.  Apparently from the same as the vocabulary word calibre/caliber, the bore of a gun, size of a bore.  Etym. unknown. (A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, Skeat, 1924)

    ... Arthur's sword, made in the island of Avallon, is mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth.  "Then girdling on his Caliburn, which was an excellent sword made in the Isle of Avallon, he graced his right hand with his lance, named Ron, which was hard, broad, and fit for slaughter, Arthur rushed into the hordes of the enemy...
    "Arthur, provoked to see the little advantage he had yet gained and that victory still continued in suspense, drew out his Caliburn, and calling upon the name of the blessed Virgin rushed forward with great fury into the thickest of the enemy's ranks... neither did he give over the fury of the assault until he had, with his Caliburn alone, killed four hundred and seventy men."... Holy Grail, Tennyson, 1901)


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