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Origin of the name CETSHWAYO.
Etymology of the name CETSHWAYO.
Meaning of the baby name CETSHWAYO.


CETSHWAYO.  African Zulu name meaning "the slandered one," from cets-, signifying a click of the tongue (see notes below), and -hwayo, "to come to an end, be finished." (An Elementary Lunyoro Grammar, Maddox, 1902).
    Cetshwayo kaMpande, was King of the Zulu Kingdom from 1872 to 1879. (Wiki)

... Vast indeed is the ocean that you gaze on here!  You command, no doubt, the one island of Robben, or Seals, where Cetshwayo was imprisoned; but there is no range of opposite mountains, as in False Bay.  All is open rolling waves and water, far and far away across the globe to the very shores of South America.*
    * I adopt this mode of spelling the name Cetshwayo on the authority of Miss Colenso.  The "Cets" is not a syllable in pronunciation; it is one of the "clicks."  Its sharp sound is produced by pressing the tongue close behind the top front teeth and snatching it quickly away.  The sound is a familiar one, and the "hwayo" is pronounced broadly, as it is spelt.
(Six Months in Cape Colony and Natal, and One Month in Tenerife and Madeira, Aubertin, 1886).

... Umpande had always been regarded as the fool of the family.  He scarcely took any part in politics.  He took to himself wives, chiefly of the daughters of commoners, and was permitted, by reason of his supposed harmlessness of disposition, and his lack of ability to do any important thing, even had the disposition been present, to live and bring up a family.  That his position was not always free from danger may be inferred, however, from the name which he gave to his eldest son.  Cetshwayo signifies "The Slandered One."  It most probably had reference to some accusation brought against Umpande, from which he had exculpated himself to Dingana's satisfaction at the time of the boy's birth... (The Story of the Zulus, Gibson, 1911)


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