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Origin of the name GERTRUDE.
Etymology of the name GERTRUDE.
Meaning of the baby name GERTRUDE.


GERTRUDE.  English and French form of Old Norse Geirthrud, meaning "spear maiden." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884). Diminutives, Gertie, Trudy.  Usage: America, England, France.
    Gertrude Stein (d. 1946), was an American art collector, poet and writer.  Getrude Lawrence (d. 1952), was an English actress.(Wiki)

    Many who have called their girls Gertrude have imagined the name to mean "a maiden trusted and true," but this is an error.
    From Gar = a spear, we have War, which is precisely the same word as the French guerre.  Gher, or gier, in Valkyr days meant "spear," and trude or thrüdr (also a Valkyr name) means "maiden" and not "truth."
    In the realm of Church history and legendary lore we find four St. Gertrudes, each of whom did much towards popularizing their name.
    The first of these was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, and a younger sister of St. Beggha.  Born in A.D. 626, she was brought up in her father's palace, but early evincing a preference for a single life was not pressed to marry.  By her mother Itta's desire a nunnery was built for St. Gertrude at Nivelle in Brabant, and she became its abbess at the early age of twenty, performing the onerous duties of the office with "prudence, zeal, and virtue."  She courted poverty in her own person, but enriched the poor, and by much prayer and meditation "obtained wonderful lights from heaven."  At the age of thirty she resigned her office in favour of a niece, and during the three years of life which remained to her spent her days in preparing for her death.  More than one miracle is ascribed to her during her life, and ten years after her death her spirit is said to have "appeared visibly" in the College of Nivelle, for the purpose of extinguishing a fire, which would otherwise have destroyed the entire building.
    Perhaps the most popular of all the Saint Gertrudes was born at Eisleben (Luther's birthplace) in Upper Saxony: she at the early age of five years was dedicated to a religious life and placed in the Benedictine Nunnery of Rodalsdorf, where twenty-five years later she officiated as Abbess.  It is said that she was subject to ecstacies and visions, and spent much time in watching, fasting and all forms of self-denial, being remarkable for her profound humility and her devotion to the service of others.  She published a much esteemed devotional book called Divine Insinuations, or Communication and Sentiments of Love, and was a good Latin scholar.  After faithfully fulfilling the duties of abbess for forty years, Saint Gertrude died in 1292.  Her memory is still held dear in the land of her birth.
    Saint Gertrude of Ostend was of lowly parentage, and was at one time betrothed to a young man who jilted her for the sake of another woman with a larger dowry.  She was famed for her ecstacies, in which she would sometimes remain wrapped for weeks, for having had the stigmata or five wounds, and for having worked many miracles.  She died in 1358.
    Finally there was Saint Gertrude of Vaux-en-Dieulet, she who on arriving in the valley of Argonne, on the borders of the Vaux, could find no water anywhere.  Thereupon Saint Gertrude touched the earth with a stick and a fountain of clear water bubbled up, which has continued to flow until this day, and is known as the "Fountain of Saint Gertrude," lying somewhere to the west of Dieulet. 
    In literature, there is Gertrude in Eastward Ho, a drama by John Marston, and Thomas Campbell's poem on the destruction of the village of Wyoming in Pennsylvania in 1778, called Gertrude of Wyoming.  Gertrude of Wyoming is the daughter of the patriarch of the village, Albert. (Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905)


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