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Origin of the name GOLEUÐYÐ.
Etymology of the name GOLEUÐYÐ.
Meaning of the baby name GOLEUÐYÐ.


GOLEUÐYÐ.  Arthurian.  Irish.  The name of the mother of Cúchulainn, probably meaning "the dawn of day" or "the gloaming."  See Dechtere.

    And Arthur took a golden comb, and scissors whereof the loops were of silver, and he combed his hair.  And Arthur inquired of him who he was; "for my heart warms unto thee, and I know that thou art come of my blood.  Tell me, therefore, who thou art."  "I will tell thee," said the youth.  "I am Kilwich, the son of Kilydd, the son of Prince Kelyddon, by Goleudyd, my mother, the daughter of Prince Anlawd."  "That is true," said Arthur; "thou art my cousin.  Whatsoever boon thou mayest ask, thou shalt receive, be it what it may that thy tongue shall name." (The Age of Chivalry, Bulfinch, 1901)

... the Sun-god, whose spouse is a dawn-goddess, is himself the son of a dawn-goddess, which cannot be regarded as an objection in a nature myth of the kind in question here.  However, I am disposed, on the whole, to suppose the gloaming or dusk to suit our tales better—that light which, for some time after the sun himself has sunk out of sight, continues to illumine the skies in these latitudes, and to tip the mountains and the clouds with colours which are now and then of indescribable beauty.  Out of that blaze of departing light the Sun is obscurely born during the hours of darkness to begin his career anew; but before he has made love to the rosy-fingered Morn, he has lost his mother.  This hypothesis would help us to assign a possible meaning to Cúchulainn's mother's name by referring it to her as the dawn, or better, perhaps, as the gloaming.  The story of her escape from Emain to the fairy house to give birth to her son during the night, which was so arranged by Lug that the infant should be brought up by the nobles of the Ultonian court, need not be further gone into as a parallel to the mad wanderings of Goleuðyð and the bringing home of her son by the swineherd... (Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion &c., Rhys, 1892)


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