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Origin of the name GWENDDYDD.
Etymology of the name GWENDDYDD.
Meaning of the baby name GWENDDYDD.


GWENDDYDD.  Welsh Arthurian name meaning "morning-star." (An English and Welsh Dictionary, Walters, 1828)

Myrddin ap Morvryn, often called Merlin the Wild, was a Bard not inferior to the prophetic and magical fame of his great predecessor, Myrddin Emrys.  He was born at Caerwerthevin, near the forest of Celyddon, or Dunkell, in Scotland; where he possessed a great estate, which he lost in the war of his Lord Gwenddolau ap Ceidio, and Aeddan Vradog against Rhydderch Hael.  His misfortunes in Scotland drove him to Wales: and there is now extant a poetical dialogue between him and his preceptor Taliesin.  He was present at the battle of Camlan, in the year 542, where, fighting under the banner of King Arthur, he accidentally slew his own nephew, the son of his sister Gwenddydd.  In consequence of this calamity, he was seized with madness, which affected him every other hour.  He fled back into Scotland, and concealed himself in the woods of that country, where, in an interval of recollection, he composed the a poem, which has many beauties, and is strongly tinctured with the enthusiasm of frenzy... "... Sweet apple-tree, covered with delicate bloom, growing unseen in the sequestered woods! early with the dawn have I heard that the high-commissioned chief of Menwydd was offended with me; twice, three times, alas! four times in the same day have I heard this; it rung in my ears ere the sun had marked the hour of noon.  O Jesus! why was I not taken away by destruction, ere it was the sad fate of my hand to kill the son of Gwenddydd?... " (Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards, Jones, 1794)


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