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Origin of the name GISELRIC.
Etymology of the name GISELRIC.
Meaning of the baby name GISELRIC.


GISELRIC.  Gothic name meaning "pledged ruler," from Teutonic gisel "pledge" and rich "ruler."  The Spanish form is Gisalrico. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).

... At Narbonne, where the defeated Visigoths halted, they quarrelled about a new king, whether Giselric, the elder, but illegitimate, or Amalaric, the legitimate son of Alaric II., should succeed him.  The question was settled by the choice of both, and they were proclaimed joint kings of the Visigoths, with Thiodes, or Theudes, as their guardian, a post which had been originally given to him by the father of the princes.  Another authority says that Giselric was elected, that Theodoric the Great sent an Italian army to assert the rights of Amalaric, and that Thiodes was commander of this host, who defeated Giselric, compelled him to return to Africa, and become guardian of the rightful heir. (A History of Gibraltar and Its Sieges, Mann, 1870)


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