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Origin of the name GLEWLWYD.
Etymology of the name GLEWLWYD.
Meaning of the baby name GLEWLWYD.


GLEWLWYD.  Arthurian.  A Welsh name meaning "Brave-Grey."

    The Three Imperial performers on the harp, of the Island of Britain:  King Arthur; Glewlwyd Gavaelvawr (i.e. Brave-Grey with Powerful Grasp;) and Crella, Bard of the Harp to Prince Griffith ab Cynan.
    Three men are of equal rank: A King; a Harper; and a Bard. (The Bardic Museum, Jones, 1802)

    Spoke the youth:  "Is there a porter?"  "There is; and if thou holdest not thy peace, small will be thy welcome.  I am Arthur's porter every first day of January."  "Open the portal."  "I will not open it."  "Wherefore not?"  "The knife is in the meat, and the drink is in the horn, and there is revelry in Arthur's hall; and none may enter therein but the son of a king of a privileged country, or a craftsman bringing his craft.  But there will be refreshment for thy dogs and for thy horse; and for thee there will be collops cooked and peppered, and luscious wine, and mirthful songs; and food for fifty men shall be brought unto thee in the guest-chamber, where the stranger and the sons of other countries eat, who come not into the precincts of the palace of Arthur.  Thou wilt fare no worse there than thou wouldst with Arthur in the court.  A lady shall smooth thy couch, and shall lull thee with songs; and early to-morrow morning, when the gate is open for the multitude that came hither today, for thee shall it be opened first, and thou mayest sit in the place that thou shalt choose in Arthur's hall, from the upper end to the lower."  Said the youth:  "That will I not do.  If thou openest the gate, it is well.  If thou dost not open it, I will bring disgrace upon thy lord, and evil report upon thee.  And I will set up three shouts at this very gate, than which none were ever heard more deadly."  "What clamor soever thou mayest make," said Glewlwyd, the porter, "against the laws of Arthur's palace, shalt thou not enter therein, until I first go and speak with Arthur."
    Then Glewlwyd went into the hall.  And Arthur said to him, "Hast thou news from the gate?"  "Half of my life is passed," said Glewlwyd, "and half of thine.  I was heretofore in Kaer Se and Asse, in Sach and Salach, in Lotor and Fotor, and I have been in India the Great and India the Lesser, and I have also been in Europe and Africa, and in the islands of Corsica, and I was present when thou didst conquer Greece in the East.  Nine supreme sovereigns, handsome men, saw we there, but never did I behold a man of equal dignity with him who is now at the door of the portal."  Then said Arthur:  "If walking thou didst enter here, return thou running.  It is unbecoming to keep such a man as thou sayest he is in the wind and the rain."  Said Kay:  "By the hand of my friend, if thou wouldst follow my counsel, thou wouldst not break through the laws of the court because of him."  "Not so, blessed Kay," said Arthur; "it is an honor to us to be resorted to, and the greater our courtesy, the greater will be our renown and our fame and our glory."
    And Glewlwyd came to the gate, and opened the gate before Kilwich; (The Age of Chivalry, Bulfinch, 1901)


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