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Origin of the name GORDIANUS.
Etymology of the name GORDIANUS.
Meaning of the baby name GORDIANUS.


GORDIANUS.  Roman name meaning "of Gordius." (Stemmata Latinitatis: or, An Etymological Latin Dictionary, Salmon, 1796).  Gordiana is a feminine form.

    Gordianus, M. Antonius, the name of three Roman emperors, father, son, and grandson.  1. Surnamed Africanus, son of Metius Marullus and Ulpia Gordiana, possessed a princely fortune, and was distinguished alike by moral and intellectual excellence.  In his first consulship, A.D. 213, he was the colleague of Caracalla; in his second, of Alexander Severus; and soon afterward was nominated proconsul of Africa.  After governing Africa for several years with justice and integrity, a rebellion broke out in the province in consequence of the tyranny of the procurator of Maximinus.  The ring-leaders of the conspiracy compelled Gordian, who was now in his eightieth year, to assume the imperial title.  He entered on his new duties at Carthage in the month of February, associated his son with him in the empire, and dispatched letters to Rome announcing his elevation.  Gordianus and his son were at once proclaimed Augusti by the senate, and preparations were made in Italy to resist Maximinus.  But meantime a certain Capellianus, procurator of Numidia, refused to acknowledge the authority of the Gordiani, and marched against them.  The younger Gordianus was defeated by him, and slain in the battle; and his aged father thereupon put an end to his own life, , after reigning less than two months.2. Son of the preceding and of Fabia Orestilla, was born A.D. 192, was associated with his father in the purple, and fell in battle, as recorded above.3. Grandson of the elder Gordianus, either by a daughter or by the younger Gordianus.  The soldiers proclaimed him emperor in July, A.D. 238, after the murder of Balbinus and Pupienus, although he was a mere boy, probably not more than twelve years old.  He reigned six years, from 238 to 244.  In 241 he married the daughter of Misitheus, and in the same year set out for the east to carry on the war against the Persians.  With the assistance of Misitheus, he defeated the Persians in 242.  Misitheus died in the following year; and Philippus, whom Gordian had taken into his confidence, excited discontent among the soldiers, who at length rose in open mutiny, and assassinated Gordian in Mesopotamia, 244.  He was succeeded by Philippus. (A New Classical Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography, Mythology, and Geography, Smith, 1851).


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