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Origin of the name HEIN.
Etymology of the name HEIN.
Meaning of the baby name HEIN.


HEIN.  A short form of names beginning with Hein-, such as Heinrich, which most authors equate with heim "home."  But hein in Icel./O.N. and, according to Thomson, also German, means "hone."  See notes below.  Usage: Denmark, Germany, Holland.
    Christoph Hein, a German author and translator.  Hein Olaf Heinsen, a Danish artist. (Wiki)

    HONE, s. a stone to whet razors upon; G. hein; Swed. hen; ὰχόνη. (Etymons of English Words, Thomson, 1826).

... A.S. hanan to stone; hunig (O.N. hunang) honey (eagerness, desire); hŷnan to assail, injure; hvêne a little (worn, chip); O.N. hein hone; hvetya, hvessa to sharpen, incite; hûn point of mast; Hoenir; Goth. hunyan to seek eagerly; hunsl [devotion], sacrifice; [hvatan to whet]; hvotyan to [spur on], rebuke; hvassei sternness; O.H.G. hûn [fierce] giant... (Aryan Word-building, Holbrooke, 1910).


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