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Origin of the name HORUS.
Etymology of the name HORUS.
Meaning of the baby name HORUS.


HORUS.  Egyptian name of the son of Osiris and Isis, meaning "the sun."  Also see Horos.

... Horus means the sun, and his victory is that of light over night and darkness (Sut and his companions), who had obtained a victory over Osiris, the sun of the preceding day.  Day and night are brothers, and children of the sky. (Contributions to the Science of Mythology, Müller, 1897).

Or Har.  One of the most prominent of the Egyptian deities.  He was the child of the great deity the sun in his semi-human form as Osiris, and of his wife and sister, the goddess Isis, as the celestial firmament, and was generally called Horus, the Saviour.  In his first and highest office he was the sun in its mid-day power, and thus he was venerated as an hypostasis of the Sun-god Ra, by whose influence all nature existed, and who was himself the visible type of Amen Ra, the hidden and incomprehensible deity.  In that character he was generally represented as a man with the head of a hawk, upon which was poised the solar disk.  In his hands were the emblems of authority and life, and from his right eye were all good things created.  As Horus-Ra he was frequently figured on the upper part of the Egyptian mummy cases, and on the amulets laid upon the head of the deceased.  The hawk among birds, and the basilisk among reptiles were his emblems.  In this, his first and most abstract character, Horus was identical with the Supreme Being himself.  The second character of Horus was that of the avenger of the injuries of his father upon his uncle Seb or Typhon, who had at first reigned in Egypt conjointly with Osiris, but had afterwards quarrelled with and slain him, scattering his severed members all over the land of Egypt.  To "Horus of Crocodiles," as the son of Osiris was called in that attribute, fell the duty of warring with Typhon, the evil spirit, and all his coadjutors, divine, demoniac, and animal.  The third character of Horus was that of Sneb, or "The Redeemer," in which office he was the vicarious protector of the souls of the deceased in Hades, or the Kerneter.  By him the deceased was introduced to Osiris in the Hall of the Two Truths, and at his entreaties the sins which the soul had committed were either atoned for or pardoned.  Horus further transferred to the benefit of the deceased the various good offices which he had himself performed in behalf of his father, and more especially those ceremonial rites which were called the "Assistances of Osiris."  By the aid of Horus, all the terrors of the rivers of Hades and the abodes of hell were dispelled, and the ultimate end of the Egyptian believer was to be assimilated to the character and deity of Horus the Redeemer.  Horus was called in the Hieroglyphic texts the "Sole Begotten of his Father," "The God creating Himself," "Horus the beloved Son of his Father," "The Lord of Life," "The Justifier of the Righteous," and "The Eternal One."  The kings of Egypt were always regarded as incarnations of Horus, as well as of the sun Ra, and hence one of their two royal cartouches was always designed to express that hypostasis and was called the Horus title.  Horus, a great military commander, of the XXVIth dynasty.  He was the son of the lady Nefer-u-sebek.  He had charge of the government of the Mendesian nome and was also governor of Heracleopolis, where he executed several important additions to the temples of the deities Atum and Osiris-Unnefer.  He also took the presidency at the great festival of the goddess Sekhet, which was held on the fifth day of the month Pharmuthi.  Horus, a scribe of Amen Ra.  He lived in the Saitic period. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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