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Origin of the name HOSEA.
Etymology of the name HOSEA.
Meaning of the baby name HOSEA.


HOSEA.  Biblical.  [Hebrew Hoshea = "safety," "salvation."  Identically the same word as Oshea—A.V. or Hoshea—R.V. in Numb. xiii. 8, 16, the first name of Joshua, and as Hoshea, a king of Israel (2 Kings xv. 30).  Greek Oséë, in the A.V. Osee].  Also spelled Hosheia.

HOSEA.  Assyrian Husia.  The last native king of Israel who was appointed in the place of Pekah by Tiglath-Pileser, and who reigned nine years.  He conspired with So, or Sibahe, of Egypt, to revolt from Assyria, and was accordingly deposed and imprisoned by Shalmaneser.  Samaria was also besieged, and, after three years, taken by Sargon (B.C. 720), who carried away 27, 280 of the inhabitants, appointed Assyrian governors over the city, and forcibly imposed tribute upon Hoshea. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

    I. A prophet, whose predictions were uttered in the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and Jeroboam II., king of Israel (Hosea i. 1).  He was thus a contemporary of Isaiah, who prophesied in the reigns of exactly the same kings of Judah; but whilst Isaiah's visions were regarding Judah and Jerusalem (Isa. i. 1), those of Hosea referred to both Israel and Judah, and much more to the former than the latter.  Hosea was also an earlier contemporary of Micah (Micah i. 1), and a later one of Amos (Amos i. 1).  He states that he was commanded by God to take a wife of whoredoms, by whom he had three children, all of whom had symbolic or prophetic names.  The eldest, a boy, was termed Jezreel; the next, a daughter, was named Lo-ruhamah ("not having obtained mercy"), and the youngest, also a daughter, Lo-ammi "not my people").  Afterwards he was directed to love another woman, also an adulteress, whom he bought and made a second wife.  The date of Hosea's birth and death are unknown. [No. II.]
    II. The book recording the predictions of the prophet just named. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894).


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