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Origin of the name IMHOTEP.
Etymology of the name IMHOTEP.
Meaning of the baby name IMHOTEP.


IMHOTEP.  Egyptian name meaning "I bring the offering."

    An unpublished discovery of any kind is, in a manner, none at all.  Curiously enough the name of the Egyptian god of medicine, Imhotep, means, "I bring the offering," the ideograph for hotep, or offering, being a papyrus roll. (Medical Symbolism in Connection with Historical Studies in the Arts of Healing and Hygiene, Sozinskey, 1891).

    Imhotep, an Egyptian deity, and one of the first kings of Egypt.  He was afterwards called the son of the god Pthah.  He was an architect, and the reputed author of many mystical books of art and mythology.  He was called by the Greek writers Torsorthrus.
    Imhotep, the son of the king and deity Imhotep of the IIIrd dynasty.
    Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian official.  He was called the "Chief of the Secrets of the Place of Life," and chief of the soldiers.  He lived probably about the period of the Vth dynasty.
     Imhotep, an Egyptian priest, the son of Isueri, in the XXVIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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