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Origin of the name ILA.
Etymology of the name ILA.
Meaning of the baby name ILA.


ILA (אִלְעָא).  m. In his Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names (1984), Kolatch makes this a masculine Aramaic name meaning "exalted."

ILA (الی).  m. Arabic name, derived from the vocabulary word ila, meaning "vow."

... The term Ila means a "vow'.  A divorce by Ila takes place where the husband makes a vow of abstinence (that is, not to have carnal connection with his wife) and maintains his vow inviolate for a period of four months.  It effects an irreversible divorce even without the decree of a Court. (Case-noted Mahomedan Law, Mittra, 1902)

ILA, ILĀ (इल, इला).  Unisex.  Masc. Ila, Fem. Ilā.  Hindu name, meaning "earth." (see note below).

    In another place, (As. Res. Vol. VIII. p. 299.)  Mr. Wilford finds Ila, a name of the daughter of King Bharata, the fifth from Swayambhuva, or Adam.—"Her name was Ila, or the earth: this was also the name of the daughter of Satyavrata, or Prit'hu; for though the earth was his wife, she also became his daughter."—And in page 318, we find "Ila to signify the earth:  Ila, or Ilas, was the son of Menu, or Noah; called also Mitra Varuna in the Puranas, or the friendly Varuna, or Neptune."  Sir W. Jones also mentions Ila as the daughter of the seventh Menu, or Satyavrata:  he married her to the first Buddha, or Mercury, who was the son of Chandra, the Moon; whose father was Atri, son of Brahma.—As. Res. Vol. II. p. 127. (Hindu Pantheon, Moor, 1810)


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