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Origin of the name IONA.
Etymology of the name IONA.
Meaning of the baby name IONA.


IONA (Иона).  m.  Russian and Ukrainian.  A form of John, Greek Ioannes, meaning "Jehovah's gift (or grace)."  Ionna is a feminine form.
    Major-General Iona Timofeevich Nikitchenko (d. 1967), as a Russian judge of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union.  Iona Emmanuilovich Yakir (d. 1937), was a Russian Red Army commander. (Wiki)

IONA.  f.  A Latin form of Greek Ione (q.v.), meaning "of Ion."  This is the name of a Grecian princess in Erskine's Iona, a lay of ancient Greece.
    Iona Opie, a world-renowned English researcher and writer on European folklore and children's literature.  Iona Marie Morris, an American voice actress. (Wiki)

Then Lesta spake again in gentle wise,
"Nay! nay!  Iona, thou art wild with grief,
And spent with weariness.  Thy tears and sighs
Avail thee naught, for sorrow is a thief
That steals away the flowers of youth, ere time
With swiftest stroke is ready for their fall.
Patience!  Iona, thou canst compass all
With patience.  He who cannot run may climb,
And soonest reach the mountain's height;
While he who hastens, wearied, lags behind.
        I must away, this is the hour
        Artemis comes, in queenly power,
        With all her nymphs, and dryads bright,
        With many a stag, and many a hind,
        To bathe, and rest, till set of sun.
        Her must I serve.  When day is done
        I will return.  Then rest thee here,
Refresh thyself with food, and let the cheer
That cometh with sweet slumber light thine eyes,
    To greet me when I come again."
She vanished while she spake, nor did Iona rise
To follow her for lack of strength, but when
The last faint echo of her footsteps died
Away in music on the marble floor
Without her bower, Iona spake once more:...
(Iona: A Lay of Ancient Greece, Erskine, 1888).


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