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Origin of the name JESHUA.
Etymology of the name JESHUA.
Meaning of the baby name JESHUA.


JESHUA.  Biblical.  From Hebrew Yeshua (q.v.), an abbreviation of Yehoshua (Joshua), meaning "Jehovah (is) salvation"; "Jehovah Saviour," or "whose salvation is Jehovah."

    (1)  Joshua, the military leader in the wars of Canaan (Neh. viii. 17).
    (2)  The head of the ninth course of priests (1 Chron. xxiv. 11óR.V.).  The A.V. spells the name Jeshuah (q.v.).
    (3)  One of the priests in Hezekiah's reign who had to do with the receipt and distribution of the freewill offerings in the temple (2 Chron. xxxi. 15).
    (4)  A high priest who returned with Zerubbabel from Babylon (Ezra ii. 2; Neh. vii. 7).  He was the son of Jozadak.  He built the altar of burnt offering, and encouraged the workmen and the people generally to rebuild the temple (iii. 2-9).  In Zechariah's prophecies he is called Joshua, and stands as the priestly representative of the returned exiles to whom Divine support is given (Zech. iii. 1-10; vi. 11-13).
    (5)  A man of the house of Pahath-moab, some of whose children returned with Zerubbabel and others from captivity (Ezra ii. 6; Neh. vii. 11).
    (6)  A Levite who with his children similarly returned from captivity (Ezra ii. 40; Neh. vii. 43; xii. 8).  He actively assisted Jeshua the high priest in stimulating the workmen and people to rebuild the temple (Ezra iii. 9), in explaining the law to them (Neh. viii. 7), and in preparing them for a more heartfelt worship of Jehovah (ix. 4, 5).  He then himself sealed the covenant (x. 9).  He was the son of Azaniah (Neh. x. 9), and the father among others of Ezer (iii. 19).  In Neh. xiii. 24 this (?) Jeshua is called the son of Kadmiel. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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