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Origin of the name JOACIM.
Etymology of the name JOACIM.
Meaning of the baby name JOACIM.


JOACIM.  LXX. Ἰωακείμ; JoacimA contracted form of Jehoiakim (q.v.), meaning "the Lord will judge" or "(whom) Jehovah has set up."  Also spelled Joakim.

     1. = Jehoiakim (1 Esd. i. 37, 38, 39).  [Joachim, 1.]
     2. (Joachin) = Jehoiachin (1 Esd. i. 43).
     3. = Joiakim, the son of Jeshua (1 Esd. v. 5).  He is by mistake called the son of Zerubbabel, as is clear from Neh. xii. 10, 26.  Burrington (Geneal. i. 72) proposed to omit the words
Ἰωακίμ ὁ τοῦ altogether as an interpolation. [W. A. W.]
     4. "The high-priest which was in Jerusalem" (Jud. iv. 6, 14) in the time of Judith, who welcomed the heroine after the death of Holofernes, in company with "the ancients of the children of Israel" (
ἡ γερουσία τῶν υἱῶν Ἰσραήλ, xv. 8 sq.).  The name occurs with the various reading Eliakim, but it is impossible to identify him with any historical character.  No such name occurs in the lists of high-priests in 1 Ch. vi. (Joseph. Ant. x. 8, 6); and it is a mere arbitrary conjecture to suppose that Eliakim, mentioned in 2 K. xviii. 18, was afterwards raised to that dignity.  Still less can be said for the identification of Joacim with Hilkiah (2 K. xxii. 4; Ἐλιακίας, Joseph. Ant. x. 4, 2; Χελκίας, LXX.).  The name itself ("The Lord will set up") is appropriate to the position which the high-priest occupies in the story of Judith, and the person must be regarded as a necessary part of the fiction.
     5. The husband of Susanna (Sus. v. 1 sq.).  The name seems to have been chosen, as in the former case, with a reference to its meaning; and it was probably for the same reason that the husband of Anna, the mother of the Virgin, is called Joacim in early legends (Protev. Jac. i., &c.). (A Dictionary of the Bible, Smith, v.2, 1872)


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