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Origin of the name KATERYNA. Etymology of the name KATERYNA. Meaning of the baby name KATERYNA.


KATERYNA (Катерина).  A Ukrainian form of Greek Kathariné (q.v.), meaning "pure."  Also spelled Katerina, which see.


The midnight fire flickers,
The embers slowly dying;
The father sits at the table,
Heavily, sadly thinking.
The mother, too, sits quiet,
Sending swift prayers to Heaven.
Her heart is filled with grief,
But she knows not words to tell it.
The sisters finish their sewing
By the light of the Kahanetz.

The brother has sought a corner
To pipe sad tunes on a flute.
He plays on the flute of Ivan,
Ivan who the Emperor serves.
Suddenly, with a heart-cry,
He stops his sad, sweet playing:
"Ivan, Ivan!  It sounds not,
Thy famous tunes are silent!
Where, O where art thou living,
And how doth my brother fare?"

Brushing away his tears
He placed his flute near the rafters.
Quietly leaving the room
He went to sleep in the stable,
That he might talk with the bay
Concerning Ivan, his brother.

And on the hot sands of Italy,
On the green grass lies a soldier,
Shot, awaiting death, alone, alone,
As a leaf in desert lands.
Only the moon is shining—
Above him proud Cheremshina
Her buds flings outward.

And he lies thinking, thinking,
Dreaming of his home,
Bidding good-bye to father,
To mother, brother, and sisters:
"Adieu, adieu, Kateryna,
With thine undying love,
With thy so sweet affection.
Adieu, my golden weapons,
Adieu, my bay in the stable
That carried me to dances,
That knew my heart's deep secrets."

Then, low and faint in the distance
There reached his ears, uncertain,
The sound of sweet flute piping.
It drifted into silence....
The soldier's head has fallen,
The stars have faded away.

On Sunday in the village
Gather Ivan's companions.
"Brothers, come, let us play it,
The famous flute of Ivan's!"
How vain were all their efforts;
'Twas dumb, as dumb as ever.

And on the hot sands of Italy,
Under the boughs of Cheremshina,
What does he dream, Ivan?
Does he dream of the bay,
Or of Kateryna?
(Songs of Ukraina, Livesay, 1916)


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