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Origin of the name KRONOS.
Etymology of the name KRONOS.
Meaning of the baby name KRONOS.


KRONOS (Κρόνος).  Greek name meaning "the horned one."  In Latin, Cronus. (The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland, Keane, 1867).

    Cronus, or Kronos, in Greek mythology, one of the Titans, son of Uranus (Sky) and Gaea or Ge (Earth).  Cronus married his sister Rhea and reigned in Olympus during the Golden Age.  Then Zeus, the son of Cronus, led a rebellion against his father and the Titans, and Zeus was victorious; the Titans were driven into Tartarus and punished in various ways.  Zeus now reigned in Olympus.  Cronus was sometimes called the god of time.  This idea seems to have arisen from the similarity between the words Cronus and Chronos, time.  According to later authorities, the word Cronus is from an entirely different root.  See Saturn. (The Standard Reference Work, Stanford, v.2, 1921).


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