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Origin of the name LAILOKEN.
Etymology of the name LAILOKEN.
Meaning of the baby name LAILOKEN.


LAILOKEN.  Merlin Sylvester.  Identified by some with the Arthurian Merlin.  It is a corruption of Welsh llallogan, meaning "twin brothers." (Catalogue of Romances in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Ward, 1883).

H. L. D. Ward.  Lailoken (or Merlin Sylvester).  The purpose of this paper is nowhere stated, nor does the well and favorably known author, who writes in English, vouchsafe to inform us anywhere in his "Introductory Notes" what he means by "our Part I" and "Part II of our narrative," until we finally fetch up, absolutely without other premonition, at a "Part I.—St. Kentigern and Lailoken," which proves to be a face-to-face reproduction of a chapter from Bower's Scotichronicon, entitled "De mirabili paenitentia Merlini vatis," and of a hitherto unpublished portion of Cotton MS Titus A. XIX, with the indication, "Narratives of Lailoken, headed (in another hand) 'Vita Merlini siluestris.'  In 2 Parts."  Part II ("King Meldred and Lailoken") is mistakingly printed in different type from that used in Part I, by which the reader's comprehension of the article is still further bewildered.  "People had certainly begun to identify Lailoken with Merlin, when the narrative in Titus A. XIX [which we are not told is in store for us] was written.  It says of him:  'qui Lailoken vocabatur quem quidam dicunt fuisse Merlinum, qui erat Britonibus quasi propheta singularis, sed nescitur.'  Again, Lailoken utters that prophecy about a triple death (in this case told of himself), which we regard as essentially Merlinesque, because we know it well in the French Romance.  And lastly, at the end of Part II, when it has been told how he was buried at Drumelzier in Tweeddale, 'in cuius campo lailoken tumulatus quiescit,' the following couplet is added:

Sude perfossus, lapidem perpessus, et undam,
Merlinus triplicem fertur inisse necem.

In all other respects Lailoken is very different indeed from the semi-daemon who attached himself to the early Kings of Britain." (American Journal of Philology, v.16, 1895)


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