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Origin of the name MIRELLA.
Etymology of the name MIRELLA.
Meaning of the baby name MIRELLA.


MIRELLA.  An Italian form of French Mireille (q.v.), Provençal Mirèio (q.v.), old Occitan Mirèlha (q.v.), meaning "admirable."  Usage: Italy, Switzerland.

    Mireille, which came later than "Faust" in order of production, is a pastoral romance based on "Mirèio," a poem by that beloved poet of Provence, Frederic Mistral.  Gounod has drawn freely upon Provençal folk-songs.  The plot, therefore, is less significant than the "atmosphere," and the work indeed is but a tale of simple peasant life.
    The scene opens in a mulberry grove, where the village girls are teasing Mirella over her hopeless love for Vincent, a poor basket-maker.  Tavena, the fortune-teller, warns her that Ramon, the girl's father never will consent to the union.  Mirella accepts the woman's help, but soon forgets her when Vincent arrives.  The two have a passionate love scene, and they arrange to meet at a distant shrine if anything goes wrong.
    Mirella learns that her father plans to marry her to the wild herdsman, Ourrias, but when he arrives, Mirella refuses him, and avows her love for VincentVincent's father attempts to gain the consent of Mirella's father to the union, but the latter charges mercenary motives.  A quarrel ensues, and Mirella's plans seem spoiled forever.  She therefore starts on the the journey across the desert to the distant shrine.
    The journey proves almost too much, even though Tavena overtakes her and assures her Vincent will be there.  She arrives so exhausted that her death seems imminent.  Vincent attempts to revive her but without success.  Her father Ramon, however, who has followed, is so overcome by her distress that he finally consents to the marriage and Mirella recovers—so that all ends happily—even under operatic law. (Victrola Book of the Opera, Rous, 1921)


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