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Origin of the name MYRTLE.
Etymology of the name MYRTLE.
Meaning of the baby name MYRTLE.


MYRTLE.  From Latin myrta, meaning "myrtle-tree."  Also see Myrta, Myrtah, Myrtha, Myrthe, Myrtie, and Myrtilla.
    Myrtle Gonzalez (d. 1918), was an American actress.  Josephene Myrtle Corbin (d. 1928), was born a dipygus, i.e. she had two separate pelvises.  Myrtle Ethel Maclagan (d. 1993), was an English cricketer. (Wiki)

    Myrtle is the emblem of fertility and purity, and in Germany and one or two other places is regarded as the proper plant for the bridal wreath in spite of its being also associated with sorrow and war, and in mediaeval times awarded as a prize to the brave.

The sign of peace who first displays
The olive wreath possesses;
The lover with the myrtle sprays
Adorns his crisped tresses.

says Michael Drayton in his Muses' Elysium.
    In Somersetshire a flowering myrtle is regarded as the greatest acquisition to a house, and there is a popular saying concerning it, "water it every morning, and be proud of it; for it is the luckiest plant to have in your window.  To get the plant to grow (which is often a most difficult matter), you should spread the tail or skirt of your dress when planting the slip, and look proud."
    Whilst the Romans strewed roses on the graves of those they loved, the Greeks preferred the myrtle, and if none were used it was looked upon as matter for complaint.  One of the old Greek writers lamented that the tomb of Agamemnon had never been adorned with the much-prized plant:

With no librations, nor with myrtle-boughs
Were my dear father's manes gratified.

(Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905).


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