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Origin of the name MAPONOS.
Etymology of the name MAPONOS.
Meaning of the baby name MAPONOS.


MAPONOS.  Another name for the Gaulish Apollo, meaning "the great youth," from old Welsh mapon ("boy, male child"), and the Greek suffix -os.  Also spelled Maponus.  Welsh Mabon.

    The Gaulish Apollo appears to have been known "all over the Celtic world," and by various names, of which the most common seem to have been Maponos and Grannos.  Maponos we are assured is the same word as the old Welsh mapon, now mabon, "boy" or "male child"; while Grannos "is probably to be referred to the same origin as the Sanskrit verb ghar, "to glow, burn, shine"... English gleam"; the name also appearing in the Irish Grainne, originally a dawn-goddess, or a moon-goddess.  Thus Maponos and Grannos will stand respectively for the Bonus Puer, and the Posphoros or a Translyvanian inscription:  "Deus Bonus Puer Posphoros Apollo Pythius."  As the author of light and heat the sun-god naturally became the patron of hot springs ane healing waters.  The springs of Aix-la-chapelle were known to the Romans as Aquæ Granni." (The Scholar's History of England, Ramsay, v.1, 1898)


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