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Origin of the name NIDHOGG.
Etymology of the name NIDHOGG.
Meaning of the baby name NIDHOGG.


NIDHÖGG.  Scandinavian.  From Old Norse Nídhöggr (q.v.), meaning "cruel biter."

... Odin looked long upon its time-worn, knotted fibres, and watched how they were for ever gnawed by Nidhögg the envious serpent, and his brood of poisonous diseases.  Then he wondered what he should see next; and one by one spectres arose from Naströnd, the Shore of Corpses´┐Żarose and wandered pale, naked, nameless, and without a home.  Then Odin looked down deeper into the abyss of abysses, and saw all its shapeless, nameless ills; whilst far below him, deeper than Naströnd, Yggdrasil, and Nidhögg, roared Hvergelmir, the boiling cauldron of evil.  Nine nights and days this brave wise Asa hung over Niflheim pondering.  More brave and more wise he turned away from it than when he came... (The Heroes of Asgard, Keary, 1907).


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