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Origin of the name OLWEN.
Etymology of the name OLWEN.
Meaning of the baby name OLWEN.


OLWEN.  Arthurian.  The daughter of a fierce giant (Yspaddaden) in the story of "Kilhwch and Olwen," in the Mabinogion.  The name is Welsh, and means "white footprint." 

... In the typical and unexcelled description of Olwen, in the "Mabinogion," we are told:  "She was clothed in a robe of flame-colored silk, and around her neck was a collar of red gold set with precious stones and rubies... Four white trefolls arose beneath her feet wherever she trod.  That was why she was called Olwen, White Footprint." (Littell's Living Age, v.248, 1906)

... And Arthur took a golden comb, and scissors whereof the loops were of silver, and he combed his hair.  And Arthur inquired of him who he was; "for my heart warms unto thee, and I know that thou art come of my blood.  Tell me, therefore who thou art."  "I will tell thee," said the youth.  "I am Kilwch, the son of Kilydd, the son of Prince Kelyddon, by Goleudyd my mother, the daughter of Prince Anlawd."  "That is true," said Arthur; "thou art my cousin.  Whatsoever boon thou mayest ask, thou shalt receive, be it what it may that thy tongue shall name."  "Pledge the truth of Heaven and the faith of thy kingdom thereof."  "I pledge it thee gladly."  "I crave of thee, then, that thou obtain for me Olwen, the daughter of Yspadaden Penkawr, to wife; and this boon I likewise seek at the hands of thy warriors.  I seek it from Kay and from Bedwyr; and from Gwynn, the son of Nudd, and Gadwy, the son of Geraint, and Prince Flewddur Flam, and Iona, king of France, and Sel, the son of Selgi, and Taliesin, the chief of the bards, and Geraint, the son of Erbin, Garanwyn, the son of Kay, and Amren, the son of Bedwyr, Ol, the son of Olwyd, Bedwin, the bishop, Guenever, the chief lady, and Guengywach, her sister, Morved, the daughter of Urien, and Gwenlian Deg, the majestic maiden, Creiddylad, the daughter of Lludd, the constant maiden, and Ewaedan, the daughter of Kynvelyn, the half-man."  All these did Kilwich, the son of Kilydd, adjure to obtain his boon. (Age of Chivalry, Bulfinch, 1900)


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