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Origin of the name ODOVACAR.
Etymology of the name ODOVACAR.
Meaning of the baby name ODOVACAR.


ODOVACAR.  A Latinized form of Gothic Teutonic Audvakr (q.v.), meaning "treasure watcher."  It is the form used by Ennodius. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Also written Odoacer.  Rackus renders the name from the Lithuanian, "the real knight" or "leader of the knights."  See Vadakaris. (Guthones, Rackus, 1929)

... The barbarian troops in the Roman service demanded of the Patrician that he should make them a gift of one-third of every landed estate in Italy.  Orestes refused, and the whole mixed multitude of Goths, Scirians, Rugians, Turcilings, Herules, and Alans, which now formed the great bulk of the military force of the western empire, rose at once in rebellion.  They chose as their king Odovacar or Odoacer [Audawakrs], the son of that Edica the Scirian, whom we have mentioned as having been associated with Orestes in Attila's embassy to Constantinople. (The Goths, from the Earliest Times to the End of the Gothic Dominion in Spain, Bradley, 1899)


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