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Origin of the name PTOLEMY SOTER.
Etymology of the name PTOLEMY SOTER.
Meaning of the baby name PTOLEMY SOTER.


PTOLEMY SOTER.  Ptolemy (I.) Soter, "The Saviour."  The son of Lagus, a somatophylax in the army of Philip of Macedon and of Arsinöe his cousin. (?)  He was one of the chief generals and advisers of Alexander the Great, whose natural brother he was generally thought to have been, and to whom he was heir presumptive.  On the death of Alexander he voted for a division of his empire among his officers, but being overruled in this, he accepted the government of Egypt under Philip Arridaeus.  He put to death Cleomenes, the receiver-general of taxes, who had been made sub-governor of Egypt, and then annexed the kingdom of Cyrene, which was at that time torn to pieces by an internal faction, to his own, in B.C. 321.  He gave a magnificent funeral to the body of Alexander, and then met the army of Perdiccas, the governor of Philip Arridoeus and Alexander Aegus in battle, when he became master of the field.  The next year he conquered Libya and Phoenicia, and received the general, or rather king, Seleucus of the East in Egypt after his expulsion by Antigonus, B.C. 315, taking up arms in his defence.  Ptolemy Soter then conquered Cyprus, and defeated Demetrius Poliorcetes at Gaza, and recovering Babylon for Seleucus, conquered Judea, and transplanted many of the Jews to Alexandria and Cyrene, where he afforded them special privileges.  After that he resigned Phoenicia to Antigonus, with whom, however, he soon was at war again, and a second time overran Palestine and Phoenicia, in B.C. 302.  Finally, he defeated Antigonus at the battle of Ipsus, and then settled himself to adorn and strengthen his dominions, B.C. 300.  He erected at Alexandria the museum, the serapeum or temple of Serapis, and began the famous national library.  He ordered the architect Sostratus to build the pharos, or lighthouse, and encouraged the fugitive Jewish high-priest, Hezekias, to complete the canon of the Old Testament, B.C. 298.  A few years afterwards he associated his son Ptolemy Philadelphus in the empire with him, B.C. 285, and died two years following. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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