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Origin of the name REYNALD.
Etymology of the name REYNALD.
Meaning of the baby name REYNALD.


REYNALD.  Norman French.  A form of Old Norse Rögnvaldr (q.v.), Frank Raginwald (q.v.), English Reginald (q.v.), meaning "power of judgment."  This name appears in Domesday. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).

    The story of the Four Sons of Aymon is now forgotten, although at one time most popular; and, indeed, it is a touching tale.  The Four Sons of Aymon were at feud with Charlemagne, and all four rode on the back of their great horse Bayard.  At last, through the intercession of their mother, the great King agreed to receive the Four Sons of Aymon into favour again, on condition that they surrendered to him their horse Bayard.  This was agreed to, and Reynald gave up the steed to Charlemagne, who had two millstones attached to Bayard's neck, and the horse was then precipitated into the water.  Bayard managed to disengage himself from the load, and rose to the surface, saw his master Reynald, and swam to him and laid his head on his shoulder.  When the King saw this he demanded the horse again, and Reynald gave it up.  Charles the Great now had a millstone attached to each foot of the horse and two to its neck, and again it was cast into the water.  But once more Bayard managed to free himself, and swam up to Reynald and looked at him piteously, as much as to say: "Why have you done this to me, your true friend?"  Reynald caressed the poor beast, and trusted that the Emperor now would waive his determination to have it destroyed.  But Charles once more insisted, and against the will of his brothers, who to save the faithful beast would have renewed their feud with the Emperor, he gave Bayard up for the third time, but as he parted with it he said: "Oh, old friend, how hardly am I repaying all your trusty service to us brothers!"  Then Charlemagne had millstones attached as before, and he bade Reynaud turn his head away, and not look at the horse, should it again reach the surface.  Again was Bayard flung into the river; again the horse rose and turned its eyes towards its master.  But Reynald had his head directed elsewhere, and when Bayard could not meet his master's eyes it sank to rise no more... (Family Names and Their Story, Baring-Gould, 1910)


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