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Origin of the name RIZWAN.
Etymology of the name RIZWAN.
Meaning of the baby name RIZWAN.


RIZWAN (رضوان).  A variant form of Arabic Ridwan (q.v.), meaning "one who satisfies."  It has the feminine Rizwana.

... The modern system of planetary worlds, of which our earth is one, was not generally received, even if it were known, in the early ages.  The Persian sages, for instance, adopted a scheme essentially different; and, perhaps, they received it from remote antiquity.  That scheme is expressed in the following terms, in the Desâtir, which professes to contain the sentiments of the prophets of Persia, including those of Zoroaster, anterior to the time of Alexander the Great.  The notes enclosed in parentheses ( ) are those of the Persian translator of the original work.—
... "The simple being—of his own beneficence created a substance free and unconfined, unmixed, immaterial—the chief of angels.  By him he created inferior heavens, and to each an intelligence, and a soul, and a body; as for example, Ferensâ, (the intelligence of the sphere of Keiwan (Saturn) also, Lâtinsâ (its soul), and Armensâ (its body), And Anjumdâd (the intelligence of the sphere of Hormusd (Jupiter), and Nejmâzâd (its soul) and Shidârâd (its body), And Behmenzâd (the intelligence of the sphere of Behrâm (Mars), and Fershâd (its soul), and Rizbâdwâd (its body), And Shâdâram, (the intelligence of the sphere of the sun), and Shâdayam (its soul), and Nishâdirsâm (its body), And Nirwân (the intelligence of the heaven of Nahid (Venus), and Tirwân (its soul), and Rizwân (its body), And Irlâs (the intelligence of the sphere of Tir (Mercury), and Firlâs (its soul), and Warlâs (its body), And Fernush (the intelligence of the sphere of the moon), and Wernûsh (its soul), and Ardûsh (its body).  The heavy-moving stars are many, and each has an intelligence, a soul, and a body.  And, in like manner, every distinct division of the heavens and planets hath its intelligence and its soul.  The number of the intelligences, and souls, and stars, and heavens, Mezdâm [only] knows." (Dictionary of the Holy Bible, Calmet, 1832)


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