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Origin of the name SHUSHAN.
Etymology of the name SHUSHAN.
Meaning of the baby name SHUSHAN.


SHUSHAN (שׁוֹשַׁן).  Biblical.  [Hebrew = "a lily," from Arabic sūsan].  Latin Susanna.  Greek Sousanna).  Also see Shoshan.  In use in Armenia, along with Shoushan.

... In the same place have been found inscriptions of the mother of Vahram, the lady Shushan, making over certain revenues to the same church and recording the number of the masses obtained in return.  She is styled the wife of the prince Grigor... (Armenia, Travels and Studies, Lynch, v.1, 1901)

SHUSHAN.  A city in the Persian empire, called in Neh. i. 1A.V., Esth. i. 2, etc., the "palace," and on the margin of the A.V. the "castle," where lived Artaxerxes Longimanus (Neh. i. 1; ii. 1, etc.) as Ahasuerus (Xerxes [?]), the husband of Esther, had previously done (Esth. i. 2; iii. 15; iv. 16; viiii. 15).  The scene of some prophetic visions seen by Daniel was laid at Shushan, which he describes as having been in the province of Elam, near the river Ulai (Dan. viii. 2).  The place referred to in these passages is evidently Susa.  It was originally the capital of Elam, or Susiana, and was the residence of Cyrus, the conqueror of Babylon.  When he became ruler of Persia as well as of Elam, he did not abandon his old metropolis, which is the reason why the other Persian kings mentioned still regarded Shushan as their chief city.  When Alexander the Great entered it, in B.C. 331, it had in it immense treasures, of which he took possession.  In 315 B.C. it was captured and plundered anew by Antigonus.  After this it began to decline, but was still defensible when the Saracens conquered Persia.  The site of the Hebrew Shushan, or the Persian Susa, was at Sus, between the Eulæus (the Roman name for Daniel's Ulai) and the Shahpur, and about 100 miles from the Persian Gulf. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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