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Origin of the name SEÁN.
Etymology of the name SEÁN.
Meaning of the baby name SEÁN.


SEÁN, SÉAN, SEAN.  Irish.  1)  Seán.  The Irish form of French Jean (q.v.), meaning "Jehovah's gift (or grace)."  2)  Séan.  Probably from the Gaelic word séan, meaning "happiness, prosperity."  3)  Sean.  The English form of Seán; but this may also be from the Irish word sean, meaning "ancient, old," and "sun." (An Irish-English Dictionary, O'Reilly, 1821).  Also see the feminine Seanna.  Usage:  America, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland.
Seán Keane, an Irish musician and singer.  Seán Haughey, a former Irish Fianna Fáil politician.  Sir Thomas Sean Connery, a Scottish actor.  Sean Justin Penn, an American actor. (Wiki)

    The Yew tree, being always green, gave to the ancients the idea of perpetual youth, and is placed in churchyards, to which it is considered most appropriate.  Yew trees were much cultivated for purposes of archery, on account of the hardness of the wood, and seems to intimate youth—assisting—helping.  Jupiter was first called Jou, which means young.  Pater, or father, was afterwards added, from whence was formed Jou-pater, priest of the rock, and afterwards Jupiter.  Youth in Persian is juvanne.  The French word for youth is jeune, and our junior.  Opposed to this is the Irish sean, or sou, old—venerable—holy.  Sean means the sun, and seanach a high priest, or druid.  "He went to the aged senar, under the awful shade of his oak: he finds him leaning on his own trembling staff; his head of age stoops to the ground; his grey beard hands down to this breast, and his dim eyes are fixed on earth.  But his soul is mixed with the spirits of air, and his converse with ghosts.  He appears like the grey-haired son of the rock when his thoughts are of other worlds."  Su means the revolving sun—the tropical year. (Reflections on Names and Places in Devonshire, 1845).


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