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Origin of the name SHESHANKA.
Etymology of the name SHESHANKA.
Meaning of the baby name SHESHANKA.


SHESHANKA.  Sheshanka I.  Or Shishak.  The son of Nimrod or Namurot, a great officer in the court of one of the last kings of the house of Her-hor, and of a princess of the blood royal.  He was adopted by his grandfather, and at first governed Egypt as regent, but afterwards ascended the throne and founded the XXIInd dynasty.  He supported Jeroboam in his revolt against Rehoboam, king of Judah, and gave him one of his daughters in marriage.  By the influence of Egypt Jeroboam was made king of Israel, and shortly afterwards Sheshanka invaded Judah in three directions, pillaged and partly destroyed Jerusalem, and subdued 133 cities in Palestine.  He transferred the seat of empire from Thebes to Bubastis, and reigned twenty-one years, leaving the crown of Egypt to his son Uaserken or Osorkon I.
    Sheshanka II., the son of Uaserken II., king of Egypt of the XXIInd dynasty.  He is only known from the monuments.
    Sheshanka III., an Egyptian king of the XXIInd dynasty.  He succeeded Takelot II., and reigned fifty-one years, but no particulars of his long reign are known.  He was succeeded by his son (?) Pamai or Pekhi.
    Sheshanka IV., the successor of Pamai.  He reigned thirty-six years, but nothing is known of the events which took place in them.  With him closed the XXIInd dynasty, after which the Ethiopians again overran Egypt.
    Sheshanka, one of the petty kings of Egypt under the Assyrian Icosarchy.  His capital was the town called by the Assyrians Busiru.
    Sheshanka, the son of Osorkon I. of the XXIInd dynasty.
    Sheshanka, the son of Osorkon II. of the XXIInd dynasty.
    Sheshanka, a prince of the blood royal of the house of Piankhi, of the XXIInd dynasty, the son of Prince Petnit, which see.
    Sheshanka, the father of Namurot, a prince of the blood royal of Sheshanka I. of the XXIst dynasty.
    Sheshanka, an Egyptian priest and officer of the temple of Ra of the Delta.  He was the father of Psametik, a prophet of Pthah. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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