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Origin of the name TARA.
Etymology of the name TARA.
Meaning of the baby name TARA.


TARA (तारा).  From the Sanscrit word for "star."  Hebrew Ester, Assyrian Sitarch, Persian Sitareh, Zend Stara, Latin and Greek Aster = English Star (allied to all these words). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)

TARA.  This name is said to have been used as a girl's name in America since around 1940, having been made popular by Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel, Gone With the Wind, in which she named the estate of her main characters Tara.  The fictional estate was named after an actual place in Meath that was the seat of the high kings of Ireland, meaning "high hill."  See Joyce's note below. 
    Tara Donna Reid, an American actress.  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, an English columnist, model, and television presenter.  Tara Louise Leniston, an Irish actress.  Tara Stevens, a British journalist of Welsh extraction. (Wiki)

    Teamhair [Tawer] is a simple word, and has pretty much the same meaning as grianan; it signifies an elevated spot commanding an extensive prospect, and in this sense it is frequently used as a generic term in Irish MSS.  In Cormac's Glossary it is stated that the teamhair of a house is a grianan (i.e. balcony), and that the teamhair of a country is a hill commanding a wide view.  This meaning applies to every teamhair in Ireland, for they are all conspicuously situated; and the great Tara, in Meath, is a most characteristic example.  Moreover, it must be remembered that a teamhair was a residence, and that all the teamhairs had originally one or more forts, which in case of many of them remain to this day.
    The genitive of teamhair is teamhrach [taragh or towragh], and it is this form which has given its present name to Tara, in Meath, and to every other place whose name is similarly spelled.  By the old inhabitants, however, all these places are called in Irish Teamhair.  Our histories tell us that when the Firbolgs came to Tara, they called the hill Druim-caoin [Drumkeen], beautiful ridge; and it was also called Liath-dhruim [Leitrim], grey ridge.  There is a place called Tara in the parish of Witter, Down, and another in the parish of Durrow, King's County; and Tara is the name of a conspicuous hill near Gorey, in Wexford, on the top of which there is a carn.
    There was a celebrated royal residence in Munster, called Teamhair-Luachra, from the district of Sliabh Luachra, or Slievelougher.  Its exact situation is now unknown, though it is probable that the fort is still in existence; but it must have been somewhere near Ballahantouragh, a ford giving name to a townland near Castleisland, in Kerry, which is called in Irish Bel-atha-an-Teamhrach, the ford-mouth of the Teamhair.  A similar form of the name is found in Knockauntouragh, a little hill near Kildorrery, in Cork, on the top of which is a fort—the old Teamhair—celebrated in the local legends.
    There are many other places deriving their names from these teamhairs, and to understand the following selection, it must be remembered that the word is pronounced tavver, tawer, and tower, in different parts of the country.  One form is found in Towerbeg and Towermore, two townlands in the parish of Devenish, Fermanagh; and there is a Towermore near Castlelyons, in Cork.  Taur, another modification, gives name to two townlands (-more and -beg), in the parish of Clonfert, same county.  Tawran, little Teamhair (Teamhrán), occurs in the parish of Killaraght, Sligo; we find the same name in the slightly different form Tavraun, in the parish of Kilmovee, Mayo; while the diminutive in ín gives name to Tevrin, in the parish of Rathconnell, Westmeath. (The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places, Joyce, 1869).


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