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Origin of the name ZULFIQAR.
Etymology of the name ZULFIQAR.
Meaning of the baby name ZULFIQAR.


ZULFIQAR (ذوالفقار).  Arabic name meaning "divider."  It the name of a sword with a split point.  Also spelled Zulfaqar, and Zulfikar.

... The red flag flies over the Sultan's palace, and the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes grace the houses of the British and American Consuls. The Sultan's steam yacht and steam launch lie in the harbour, with a number of native craft, some of which fly the Persian ensign—the two-bladed sword of Ali,1 white on a red ground...
    1 The royal arms of Persia are the Lion and the Sun, and this is the ensign of the very few Persian craft that ply on the Caspian.  But in the waters of the Gulf I saw only this sword of Ali—that zulfiqar or divider, which is best known to the English reader under its changed name and nature as King Arthur's sword Excalibur.
(Six Months in Persia, Stack, v.1, 1882)


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